Slurry Management

Here in Newrock we design and manufacture award winning Slurry Management products. 

Dribble Bar

With use all year round, and with any crop enviroment, Newrock dribble bars achieve a spread of slurry/manure, with minimal crop contamination and mess.

As a result, fertilisering becomes easier and more effective.


Newrocks Slurry Handling System with our Reelers has numerous advantages over traditional tanker based application methods. Thus reduces compaction as no heavy tanker is driven on to the field.

Slurry Pump

Precision machined, efficient comes as standard with Newrocks Slurry Pump Range. Newrocks orginal and unique design.

Hose Protector

Newrocks unique and patent pending design that helps you save money and reduce down time. Newrocks Hose Protector is valuable to protect the hose feeding in the pumping station where is is most vulnerable.